About Me

Hey there!

My name is Maria! I guess I’m just another millennial with a blog, only I much prefer fountain pens to keyboards and parchment to webpages. Unfortunately though, there’s no easy way to facilitate discussion and learning among the masses with wax sealed envelopes. I’d like to think I’m in the process of finding a happy medium between the wonders of modern world and the timeless splendor of the past, but then again there are a lot of things I’d like to think.

I have a great passion for words, and an even greater passion for learning about those who use them far better than me. Whether they be written, spoken, projected on a screen, or timed to an artfully crafted melody, a simple string of letters has the power to affect so much. This truth is one I find great joy in exploring, especially when I’m joined and challenged by those who share such interests.

My post secondary education has been an extension of my lifetime of reading and writing, only exponentially more expensive and substantially less leisurely. I spent three semesters studying films and screenplays in sunny California before taking a year off of school to work full time and reassess my life, as one too often does in their early 20’s. This past semester I decided to pursue a degree in which I could exercise my creative impulses in an a new and challenging way, marketing.

While I do believe pursuing a path of education tailored specifically to language, written, spoken, sung, or otherwise, heightens one’s appreciation of and skill in the subject, I don’t believe one need be a language specific scholar to enjoy and discuss the greatest users of words and the uses they’ve marked the world with.

That’s what I desire for The Grab Bag to be. A place where words can be appreciated and discussed by a community of individuals who may have nothing else in common other than their appreciation for whatever art form those letters may take.


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